Arrival: Please check in with the receptionist upon your arrival to the hospital. For our patient’s and client’s safety, we ask that all dogs be kept on a short leash and all cats remain in a sturdy carrier. If either a leash or a carrier is needed, just ask a staff member while your pet waits safely in your vehicle. The atmosphere of a veterinary hospital can make any pet nervous, which may result in uncharacteristic behaviors and bathroom habits. If your pet has an accident, either in our facility or outside our doors, please let a staff member know and we’ll be glad to dispose of it properly to maintain a clean environment for everyone.

Appointments: We operate on an appointment-based schedule, although we do accommodate walk-ins on an emergency basis. We will make every attempt to be punctual for your visit; however, due to the nature of the profession, occasional emergencies will arise that may result in a short delay. In this case, we will attempt to contact you before your visit or inform you of the situation upon your arrival to the hospital.
We also offer patient drop-offs for examinations and services that allow you to continue your busy day while we take care of your pet. Please visit the forms section and complete the downloadable Drop-Off form to let us give your pet the attention he or she needs. We have found that most pets appreciate their owner being present for the physical exam as they are comforted by a familiar face. If you prefer not to be present, we will be happy to accommodate your wishes. We will provide you with an estimate for any services beyond routine examinations and vaccines and will gladly provide one at any time you request.

Pet Surgery: We ask that all surgical patients are dropped off between 8am and 9am on the morning of their procedure. Your pet will need to be fasted, with no food or water, after 10pm the night before. For your pet’s safety, please inform a staff member if your pet was not fasted before their procedure. Upon arrival, you will be given a few forms to read and authorize. We will provide you with an estimate for our planned services as well as a release form for the anesthesia.

We require that all pets that undergo an anesthetic procedure have current blood work to ensure the health of your pet and to help avoid any potential complications. All anesthetized pets will receive an intravenous (IV) catheter for their procedure. This allows us to hydrate your pet with fluids and electrolytes for a better recovery as well as gives us the ability to deliver medications to your pet should the need arise. This will require us to shave one or two of your pet’s legs to place a sterile catheter. Your pet will be closely monitored while under anesthesia as we will continuously monitor their heart rate, breathing rate, temperature, and oxygen levels.
A doctor or staff member will contact you at the completion of your pet’s procedure. We will be able to discuss the procedure as well as set up a discharge appointment for you to pick up your pet. Specific instructions will be given to you at the time of pick-up to help you care for your pet during their recovery.

Final care: We will try our best to make this difficult time as smooth as possible for you and your family. You have the choice to be present during the procedure, or you may choose to say your goodbyes and we will perform the procedure in a quiet room with the utmost respect and concern for your pet’s comfort. If a pet is nervous or anxious, we may give an injection to relax them. This is a combination of a pain reliever and an anti-anxiety medication and works in a few minutes after injection. There are several options for care of your pet’s remains which will be explained to you by one of our staff members.

Prescriptions and refills: In accordance with California State Law, we are only able to fill a prescription if we have seen your pet within the last 12 months. Due to the sensitive nature of certain conditions (i.e. eye problems, etc) or potential side effects, a doctor may advise you that your pet requires another exam before refilling medication even if it has been seen within the last 12 months. This is done to ensure the safety and well-being of your pet.

Vaccine Policy: Our vaccine policy is in accordance with the latest recommendations from UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. Please clink on this link for further information: Pet Vaccines

Hospital Hours


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